has a unique and original organization.

The Studio

Our creative studio in Paris develops research, creates samples, makes collection prototypes and limited series of models and single pieces onsite. We start by designing textiles and then translate them in graphic and technical terms. Our team use drive and sense of curiosity to make every project possible.


Production Monitoring Office

Atelier Lebuisson also has a production management and monitoring department that is involved in every stage of the processing of each order.


A Partnership in India

Our partner factories in Bombay and Bangalore are highly reliable production units that operate with full transparency with respect to the working conditions. We aim to comply with a code of professional responsibility and ethics in order to meeting standards and regulations (Reach, AZO). These factories have significant expertise in embroidering pieces in large and small quantities as well as reducing production lead times to meet luxury brands’ requirements.


This organization gives us the flexibility to harness our talents. We are in constant contact and travel on a regular basis to make sure our practice works.