The studio is a place for experimenting and exploring the craft of embroidering and textile making.

Straddling between art, design and fashion, our multidisciplinary sensitivity is a major source of our inspiration. Our practice is open to emerging trends and is buttressed by our expertise.

© Set Design - Atelier Lebuisson

© Photographies - Julien Rézette

Textile picture art. Dyed silk thread. Voluminous flower consisting of petals made using the organza shibori-technique and pistil stitching. Floral composition made by superimposing frayed fabric re-embroidered with silk, long and short stitch; satin, georgette stitch, dye organza.

Hokusai Influence. Landscape, made of silk thread re-embroidered with silver faceted beads on a cotton canvas. Geisha, cotton thread embroidery, wheat ear stitch, French knot; Mixture of sequins, beads and sequin strips.

Manifestation. Fabric confetti, colored organza scones on plunge silk. Glitter sequin flower petals reapplied and composed with volume.

Illustrated embroideries. Drawings in Chinese ink. Textile applications encircled with silk thread, gold and silver wire on tulle. Satin stitch flowers composed of sequins, stones and pierced fragments.

Mosangue. Fabric squares. Cut from crystal PVC, touch PVC, lacquered PVC patterns. Chain ball re-embroidered 3D flounce.

Scones; tulips. Placed in superimposed fabrics. Colored organza silk, satin and velvet. Straight stitch and cross stitch embroidery.

Textile fragment. Gold leaf embroidered onto composite beaded thread material. Applied to printed fabric.

Double-sided embroidery. All-over compositions with flowers made of organza silk and mousseline highlighted with lines of black beads. Flowerbed, small chiffon and organza silk ribbon applied to a black satin base.

Weft. Woven beads, sequin surface re-embroidered with beads, embroidered panel modules on metallic mesh, sequins, pierced fragments, faceted beads and wooden beads.